• Met a girlfriend for brunch today at The Sage Mule. We’ve been eyeing this spot and drooling over all their posts on IG, for quite sometime now. Let me just say, it did NOT disappoint.
  • So glad this Greensboro, authentic Neapolitan Pizza joint, showed up on my IG feed today. As soon as I saw their post this morning, I’d been drooling over all their page’s pics. All
  • My husband took me to lunch today for my birthday. We’ve been eyeing Tipsy’z Tacos for a while now, it’s not far from my work, so we decided to give it a go. Cute little spot, located
  • Southern Roots is an ABSOLUTE favorite place for me, for fresh- local everything!! This unique, Jamestown spot never disappoints. Ever. Usually, I get the Stuffed Chicken (which is
  • Located at 305 State Street in Greensboro, since 1984! This gem is such a neat place. Delicious classic Italian cuisine, beautifully decorated restaurant, and a very friendly staff. The
  • Located at 302 E. Main St in Jamestown, NC. Specializing in the wood-fired smoking of brisket, chicken, turkey, salmon, pork & other daily specials.
  • Legit Cuban food, located in downtown Salisbury, NC. Fun atmosphere with friendly staff & authentic, great Cuban cuisine.
  • Odeh’s is a locally owned, family restaurant in High Point. Serving up some of the best authentic Mediterranean & Middle Eastern foods. Super fresh, super delicious and always
  • My family and I got to try the (newer) Hops Burger Bar in Winston Salem, last night. We’ve always been fans of our Greensboro locations, but decided to give this one a go. They did not
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